Are you the kind of pet parent who always checks up on his dog for infections? If yes, then you’re an excellent pet parent! If you sometimes forget to pay attention to your dog’s health, it’s okay, your pooch won’t love you any less. If your dog has any injury or rash, you can easily spot it on his body. However, ear infection won’t be visible until you clean your dog’s ears. He might show the signs of infection, but it’s difficult to tell what the dog is suffering from. Therefore, you need to pay close attention for any kind of infections in your buddy.

This dreaded disease infuriates the dog and causes severe discomfort, pain, and swelling. The pain can become unbearable if the infection is not detected on time. Unfortunately, ears are the perfect hiding spot for bacteria to colonize and spread infection. However, these bacteria usually infect the outer ear of the dog, which is relatively easy to treat. Such infection can be cured with home remedies, so there’s no need to visit the vet.

Main Causes of Ear Infection

If the dog has ear infection & low immunity power, the situation is bound to get worse. Maintaining a proper hygiene regimen is a must if you don’t want your furry pal to suffer.

First, we learned about the causes. Now, it’s time to get aware of the signs and symptoms of ear infection:

These infections could occur due to various underlying causes. If the symptoms are persistent, pay a visit to your vet. The diagnose process consists of a thorough examination and cleaning the dog’s ears. If the infection is not severe, the vet will probably recommend topical treatment or oral tablets. If the case is severe, he might also recommend surgery.

In case of mild irritation, you can treat the infection using natural remedies.

Highly Beneficial Natural Remedies to Treat Ear Infection

Well-Balanced Diet

Providing a raw diet can be very beneficial in curing ear infections. Along with the natural diet, adding Vitamin C supplements can boost your dog’s immune system. You can get Bark Naturals Vitamin C Powder which helps in recovering from bacterial infections and improves immunity.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt has numerous benefits. Take 1/16th Epsom salt with one litre of warm water, then drench a clean towel in it and clean your dog’s ears. Epsom salt is known to have anti-bacterial properties which will help in treating the infection.


Mullein leaves and flowers can help keep the bacteria in check. Mix it with olive oil and give 2 weeks resting time. Then apply the drops into the dog’s ears.

If you don’t want the hassle of preparing the drops, you can simply buy the infused oil.

Green Tea

Green tea is known for treating bacteria and treating ear infections. Moreover, it also repels ear mites.

Coconut Oil

This natural remedy is anti-fungal as well as anti-bacterial. You can make coconut oil ear drops by heating the coconut oil and adding two garlic cloves to it. Let it cool down completely before you apply it in your dog’s ears.


Chamomile tea has many healing properties; it is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and contains sedatives. Hence, placing a warm tea bag on the outer side of the infected ear will relieve the dog from pain and kills the bacteria.

In severe cases of ear infection, immediately visit your vet. Products like Epi-Otic, Kleo Ear Cleaner, Natural Animal Solutions Ear Cleaner, and Ilium Ear Drops are highly recommended for cleaning dog’s ears and treating infections.

Despite taking care, your dog still might get infected. You can prevent this issue by keeping your dog’s ear clean and taking him to vet for regular check-ups. Anything that causes discomfort to your dog shouldn’t be neglected, so always take care of your fur buddy.

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