Cats are great companions as they not only look good, but also keep mice and rodents away from your house. But owning a cat is not a small thing. It is a big responsibility, hence, it is important to know certain things before getting a cat. These things work as not only your cat adoption checklist, but also let you know things that you need to be aware of before adopting a cat:

  • Cats are independent creatures, but once you adopt them you will have to take care of her needs. Hence, it is important to think twice before you adopt a kitty because you will have to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to make room for your feline. It all depends on your routine life: How busy are you? How much time can you dedicate to your feline specially for her grooming and attention craving behavior. So research properly before you take the final plunge of getting the cat.

  • Also consider any changes in the circumstances after adoption like: change in your working hours. How will you manage the kitty who wants your time? Will you be able to provide her the time needed by her? Think hard on these points.

  • Before getting a feline it is important to check yourself for feline allergies. The best option to select a cat that has low allergens that way you can stay away from the very thing that causes the allergy. Consult with a veterinarian, read books, visit animal shelter employees for suggestions.

  • Before getting her home, take her to the veterinarian for a check-up and vaccination. As soon as the age permits, get her spayed. This can make a lot of difference as if she is not spayed it can result in damage to your furniture through her claws or she might even spray on your furniture.

  • Procure better quality litter box and ensure that the place where you keep the box is highly secured and private as cats love privacy when they are about to do their business. Clean the box regularly, preferably every day because cats love hygiene. Also ensure that you feed her well-balanced, age-appropriate diet. If you need any help consult with a veterinarian or a nearby pet store for advice.

  • Cats love to play, hence, you need to get toy mice, feathers and even empty boxes for her entertainment. These toys are not very expensive and they keep your furry friend mentally occupied.

  • Get a scratching post before getting a cat so that you can protect your furniture from the claws of the kitty.

  • For training purpose, consider getting catnip along with freeze-dried chicken nuggets.

  • For safety precautions, get pet insurance for your furry pal in case you might need it (we hope you would not need it!!).

  • If you are considering getting a young kitten it is important to start with her grooming pretty early. You will have to step-by-step bath, brush, and trim her claws.

Remember, cats live approximately for 20 years and so rest assured that she will be there with you for a very long time.