Flea & Tick

What You Should Know About Heartworms?

Effective Ways Of Getting Rid Of Fleas

Fleas are very annoying creatures. Their main aim is to feed on cats and make their life miserable. Flea infestation can cause itching and restlessness in your cat. This can cause problems for both you and your cat as fleas… Continue Reading →

Capstar Flea Pill –What Vet and Customer Reviews Say

Numerous stories, reviews, ratings have been churning out about Capstar around the web. Pet parents are always looking for the best product for their furry friends and looking through the reviews, they can take the decision to choose the best…. Continue Reading →

Why My Cat Needs Flea And Tick Protection Plan?

What most pet parents don’t realize that monthly flea and tick treatment is as necessary as the food and water required for their furry pals especially kitties. Usually, parasitic treatments along with dental and joint care are ignored in cats… Continue Reading →

Five Must Have Treatments in Your Pet Pantry

Have you missed something in your pet pantry or still in a predicament wondering which pet products to stock for the complete health of your furry pal? Tricky thing isn’t it. Well, let’s help you come out of this abyss… Continue Reading →

Advocate & Seresto – Unique Treatments with NO FLEA BITE Strategy

Fleas are those nasty creatures that cause a lot more harm than just making your pet uncomfortable with itchiness. A proper knowledge and effective tools can support you to get a hike on fleas in order to eliminate them. Fair… Continue Reading →

Frontline Flea Spray: Wise Choice or Worth a Royal Ignore

Fleas are parasites that suck blood from the bodies of pets like cats and dogs after jumping onto their bodies. This results in the pet developing a tendency to scratch and itch intensely, which leads to hair loss along with… Continue Reading →

Advantage for Dogs FAQs – Everything You Need to Know

Most of the pet owners get horrified even with the mention of fleas. Such is the level of annoyance they create in the household and mess up with the pet’s life. These blood-sucking, nasty parasites certainly take a serious toll… Continue Reading →

Understanding The Chemistry Of Flea Treatments in Pet

Flea treatments for cats come in various forms acting uniformly against flea. Topicals, spot-ons, tablets or chews and other sundry formulations either kill the adult fleas or disrupt their lifecycle thereby preventing these pesky creatures from laying eggs or from… Continue Reading →

Is Your Area More Prone To Ticks?

Ticks are petrifying. The mere sight of these creepy, blood-sucking parasites crawling on our dog sends chills down our spines. These yucky little parasites don’t just look disgusting but also are disgusting. The toxins released by these nasty creatures in… Continue Reading →

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