A Day to Show Respect & Feel Pride of Our Veterans 

We all know that Anzac day remains one of the most remembered dates in Australia’s military history. Every year we Australians and the citizens all around the world pause to remember this day and pay homage by gathering at the Dawn Service or attending the March, led by veterans and serving personnel. Watching this itself makes our heart throb with great respect and pride.

We at DiscountPetCare are celebrating Anzac Day and invite you all to join us.

Let’s together commemorate Anzac Day with our pets. 

To spend this day in the most unique way we have come with……. 

Five Special ways you can celebrate Anzac Day with your pet.

Local Dawn Service

It’s a pride to attend Dawn service. On this day, to pay reverence to war soldiers and veterans, commemorate services are held at dawn. Along with your pet, you can attend this service. However, you can find the rule about taking your pet or not from your local community.

Watch the Anzac Day March

Ex-servicemen and women normally take part in marches through the major cities and in many smaller centers. You can be there to watch this encouraging march that can fill your heart with gratitude towards these war veterans. If you are not taking your pet along to watch this march, you need to make special arrangements for him/her at home.

Anzac Cookies

Cookies are inevitable part of Anzac Day. You can bake some Anzac cookies for your pet and your friends. Bake some mouth-watering cookies along with special Aussie flavored feast to have a great luncheon. You can even share these cookies with the veterans in your locality to show your respect towards them.

Community Visitor

Take time and along with your furry pal visit your local veteran’s home. Spend time with a war soldier, ex-serviceman or a veteran introducing your pet to them. Many would love to share their stories and like to spend time with your furry pal.

Visit Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial offers a complete overview of Australia’s military history. You can visit different memorial places to get well acquainted about the veterans and learn the legacy. You can have your pet along with you not missing to take water and food with you if you are planning for a whole day outing.

Along with a special gift voucher

However, we have chosen to pay reverence to all the veterans and their lovable pets with our amazing gift. We have come with a special catalogue having selected products of pet supplies, whose prices have been lowered greatly for this Anzac Day.

Bringing in this special price catalogue on this day is to remember our veterans and spread the message and create further awareness amongst the pet owners.