Your canine is smart, actually he is the smartest!!Among all other pets in your neighborhood.  swifty,swirly and playful all these characteristics sums up into adorable canine .But what’s next??

Is this the final level of intellect and activeness you want in your pet, or you are looking forward for betterment in your pet’s schedule.Do you want a pet who is more mentally trained and can be called as “smart pet”.Then you are at right place as here are some stunning suggestions for shaping your pet into his best version, read out these amazing ideas and try to imply these:

  1. Mind Games:

Try many other interesting and innovative games other than juggling.Being physically fit is not your only goal your focus should be on their mental abilities.Puzzling will make them to use their mind and find different ways to achieve their goals.So,now this is the time to change their toys.

2. Let Them Struggle For Their Foods:

Dogs are active creatures, the time they will be offered with the food they will just rush towards it and within few minutes they will empty the bowl.Make it fun by trying out some innovative ideas and strategies.

3. ”Detective Pet”:

  Let your dog sniff and roam freely while walks and outdoor tours .All these activities will trigger her detecting ability .Canines have inbuilt instinct of smelling the dangers. If you will prefer a potatoe pup, who just loves to eat and rest on couch! Then you will lose a chance to see their hidden talents which should be explored from very early age.Still, you have chance without wasting time change your overprotective nature and let your pooch explore more and more.

4. Interesting Training Schedules: 

Try to make them tougher and smarter,but don’t do anything without ensuring your pet’s safety.If your dog is not much daring and open towards strangers and different situations then a different and disciplined training schedule will help you a lot.

All that training will help boost your dog’s confidence, and it strengthens the bond between dog & owner.

Involve new tricks and different commands in the training schedule of your pet. This will help you at a good level as your pooch will turn into a safety guard and much liable towards you. Training sessions can be scheduled with some professional trainers.

Practice theses ideas for a change and most importantly for fun and mental stimulation of your pooch as well as yours. So be safe and have fun!