Most of the pet owners get horrified even with the mention of fleas. Such is the level of annoyance they create in the household and mess up with the pet’s life. These blood-sucking, nasty parasites certainly take a serious toll on our pet’s health because of all that itching and dermatitis they cause. However, with proper prevention and treatment, we can successfully get rid-off these critters. In fact, Advantage is the most sought-after treatment available on the market which can be effectively used for this purpose. The treatment is available for both cats and dogs and has given amazing results so far. People who have already used the product on their pets understand that Advantage is definitely an advantage for pets. We have listed down some intriguing facts about the product which will give you a better insight into its proper usage.

Facts Related To ‘Advantage’ For Cats and Dogs   

Does It Kill Other Flea Life Stages?

Compared to other flea products that are only formulated to kill adult fleas, Advantage acts on the lifecycle of the fleas as well. Thus, it is highly effective in eliminating adult fleas as well as flea larvae.

How Does It Work?

Advantage contains Imidacloprid that acts as a neurotoxin for fleas. It hyper-activates the central nervous system of the parasite that eventually kills them.

How Long Does It Take The Product To Show Its Effect?

It is swift in action and stops the biting fleas from feeding on the host within a couple of minutes. After the application of the product, it hardly takes an hour to kill 98% of the fleas.

How Long Does One Dose Works?

Advantage provides protection against fleas for complete one month and a single dose is enough for doing so.

Can I Apply The Product Before Bathing the Pet?

Though the product is water-resistant and wouldn’t wash off that easily, it is recommended to apply the product to your pet once he is clean and dry. It will help the product to penetrate the skin better as the pores would still be open. Thus, it will stay longer inside the skin layers and will have better efficacy.

How Must Long One Wait To Give A Bath To their Dog After Applying Advantage?

Normally, 48 hours are enough. Bathing just after applying the product or even a few hours later may leach the product more quickly thereby rendering it ineffective.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Advantage?

It may cause slight hair fall in pets but the hair will grow back. So, nothing much to worry about! However, be cautious while giving it to a sensitive dog or cat as they may show some side effects like vomiting or diarrhea. Consult the vet before any application, in such cases.

Does It Kill The Fleas In The Surroundings?

This product is proficient in killing the fleas as they try to hitch on the pet. It eliminates the larvae in the surroundings as and when pet touches the floor or carpet where the flea larvae would be hiding. Thus it is a preventative for complete household.

Advantage For Dog has earned a good rapport amongst experienced pet owners because of its super-active ingredient and fast results. So, if your pet is suffering from flea infestation, get Advantage and proof your house and the pet.

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