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All You Need To Know About Melanoma In Dogs

Every pet parent wishes good health for their canine friends. However, there are certain times when the health of our pets isn’t in our control. Diseases such as cancer don’t come announced. Therefore, it’s the duty of pet parent to… Continue Reading →

This NEW Year 2021 – Set New Year Resolutions For Your Pet’s Health

The New Year is the right time to reflect on the past year and what all the things you have missed to do for your furry pal. So, not repeating that mistake again this year and making the coming year… Continue Reading →

How Does a Dog Wheelchair Improve Your Disabled Dog’s Life?

Disabled dogs often require that special and extra care to ensure that they can continue to living their life smooth and hurdle free. Although it may be upsetting to see your dog having difficulty in movement, inventions in health care… Continue Reading →

Depression in Dogs – Warning Signs and Treatment

Similar to human, dog depression is a kind of mental condition.  Although, there are ways to find out if people are depressed, it is quite complicated and difficult to figure for a dog. Humans can even tell when they are… Continue Reading →

How To Make Christmas Merry With Your Pets?

It hasn’t been a jolly year at all, but we can end it on a joyful note by celebrating Christmas with your loved ones and pets. Christmas is all about happiness, get-togethers, family time, gifts, and what not. But you… Continue Reading →

Cyber Monday Sale On DiscountPetCare Australia

There’s finally some good news in 2020, especially for all you pet parents in Australia. DiscountPetCare Australia back again with a jaw dropping sale for this Cyber Monday. The day after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday and DiscountPetCare Australia is… Continue Reading →

FIVE Garden Dangers To Avoid This Spring And Protect Your Pets

As spring approaches, you head to the local garden store to stock things up and to freshen up your flower beds, backyard landscape, or garden. Oblivion to the fact that you bring along with you some poisonous things that may… Continue Reading →

5 Valuable Tips On Dog Body Language

Dogs communicate with us and others in their own elegant and unique way. They make full use of their parts of the body to communicate, and in this blog we will be looking into how with the help of their… Continue Reading →

What To Look Out For When Your Dog Starts Aging?

We never want our furry babies to grow up, but aging is inevitable. Therefore, what pet parents can do is make this transformation process smoother. Aged dogs may face a lot of health issues, though if you’re alert from early… Continue Reading →

How To Make Halloween Special For Your Pets?

Halloween is coming, and so is the excitement among all the people across the globe. But with the current global pandemic, Halloween celebrations will probably not be the same, but fret not, you can still enjoy this special day with… Continue Reading →

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