March 2016

Is Your Dog’s Coat Dull And Dry? 5 Ways To Improvise

Would you like if an affectionate tousle through your dog’s fur may not be as smooth as you thought it would be? Nobody would, isn’t it? We all want our dog’s fur to be smooth, shiny and healthy. There could… Continue Reading →

Paint Eggs And Make Candies, But Before That, Ensure Your Pet’s Safety This Easter!

Finally one of the most anticipated holidays of the year are here! This time of the year is Australia’s favourite after Christmas as it comes with a long weekend and this is when family and friends spend time together having… Continue Reading →

Do You Want Your Dog To Stop Digging? Then You Need To Dig Deeper!

You have to accept some of the doggy habits right when you accept him as pet and this includes digging. Yes, digging is one such habit or you may say a behavioural trait of dogs that you may not be… Continue Reading →

HeartWorms In Pets

Heartworms disease can be deadly in dogs. This disease can easily be avoided with the regular use of a good quality heartworm preventative product. Heartworm disease is rare in cats as their immune system is better at attacking the immature… Continue Reading →

Intestinal Worms In Cats and Dogs

One of the first things you will need to do when you acquire a new puppy or kitten is to get them onto a regular schedule for intestinal worming. Worming is essential to keep your pets healthy, and will also… Continue Reading →

What Are “Veterinary Diets” For Pets?

Veterinary diets are commercial foods designed by veterinary nutritionists to help owners manage a specific disease in their pet. Today, there are veterinary diets to help cats and dogs with kidney disease, liver disease, arthritis, food allergies, bladder stones, hyperthyroidism… Continue Reading →


Every pet owner knows that it can be extremely hard to eliminate a flea infestation in the home, but it is not impossible! However, don’t think that a single treatment of a flea control product will be the cure-all! Due… Continue Reading →

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