February 2016

3 Tips to Keep Kitties Slim And Trim

Obesity has never had any advantages, be it for humans, dogs or cats. As for cats, almost over 32% of cats are overweight in Australia. Obesity is half the time sole reason of the underlying health conditions of cats. Now,… Continue Reading →

4 Ingredients that are Essential for Quality Nutritional Dog Diet

Dogs are considered to be one of the most faithful pets amongst human beings. This faith is restored when dog owners treat their pooches as a family member and not as a pet (this is especially true in our country)…. Continue Reading →

Everything You Wanted to Know about Worms in your Tabby

The great Australian backyard has been the hunting ground of its prey for Australian cats since a very long time. But with time another hunter has developed that is hunting down the felines. This new hunter is the parasitic worm…. Continue Reading →

Is Vigorous Head Shake Normal In Pets?

Pets can be mysterious, or may seem so to us. Isn’t it? For instance, take their head shake. They shake off water from their body using a head shake, but what if there is no water on their body and… Continue Reading →

Do You Know Everything About Australian Paralysis Ticks?

Although none of them are good, but sometimes it may seem that fleas may be better than ticks. Yes, tick infestation could have that size of impact on your pet’s health that flea infestation may look tiny compared to them… Continue Reading →

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