Fleas… tiny, bloodsuckers which are well-known for infesting your pets, your entire home and sometimes even attack on you. They take the blood of animals as a meal. In fact, fleas can’t fly because they are wingless, but they have powerful hind legs that they use to jump on the host animal and suck their blood. And more annoying, they lead to severe health issues for your pets.

It would be a big mistake to consider the flea as a simple pest, as there are different types of fleas and they are present everywhere around the world. But, all fleas’ species are not causing headache to both pets and their owners. Cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog flea (Ctenocephalides canis) are the most common annoying external parasite for domestic pets.

Both are quite similar look wise; however, they do possess some differences. Let’s see some facts about these common fleas:

Interesting Facts about Dog and Cat Fleas:

Fact 1: The cat flea has a broad spectrum of hosts compared to other flea species. There are more than 2000 flea species but just one flea type is big concerned for dogs and cats and that’s – cat flea also known as feline fleas. It is usually the cat flea that will attack on most dogs. But, the dog fleas may not bite the cats. The canine fleas can be rarely found.

Fact 2: While dog fleas have a reddish-brown body with a sharply curved head, the cat fleas has dark brown to black insects with the shallowly curved head. Cat fleas are a little bit small than dog fleas.

Fact 3: Cat fleas and dog fleas, both are parasitized by tapeworms; that can affect dogs and cats. And this disease is transmitted when pets ingest such infected fleas during grooming.

Fact 4: Both fleas’ types look similar in appearance and biology. They don’t be distinguished by naked eyes. Just with a microscope, you can differentiate them.

Fact 5: The symptoms of a cat flea and dog flea infestation are the same whether it is dog or cat. That includes red, swollen skin and excessive itching.

Fact 6: Dog and cat fleas may bite humans, but they may not infest and thrive on human.

No matter what species of flea is attacking on your pet or your home, your determination and dedication is essential to eradicate their presence in effective manner. Making your home, your pets and surrounding areas flea-proof by cleaning and using right flea preventives is just the first step.

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