August 2016

Keep Your Pooch Out Of Your Feline’s Food Bowl

The cat food consist higher levels of protein and fat than dog food. This food may lead your doggy to gain weight easily because of the extra fats and protein. Are you finding difficult to keep your canine out of… Continue Reading →

9 Cat Tail Positions Decoded

Your cat’s tail is more than just providing balance to her. It is used by your feline to communicate and depict her emotions along with signalling her mood. In a way, your cat’s tail language is trying to communicate things… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Heartworm Preventive Comparison Chart To Make a RIGHT CHOICE

Normally pet parents get confused between preventives and heartworm treatments. Unaware of what the heartworm preventives are used for many may think that these medications treat heartworm diseases. On the contrary, this is completely a wrong conception. Because heartworm preventatives… Continue Reading →

Unknown Facts About Worms In Dogs And Cats

Worms are most commonly found in canines and felines. They can cause illness in affected pets and may also lead to serious complications in severe cases. But the good news is that the worm infestation can be prevented and treated…. Continue Reading →

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