January 2016

Intestinal Parasites In Pets – Facts And Treatments

Internal parasitic infestation is a common threat to pets irrespective of age, season and place. Roundworms, Tapeworms, Whipworms and Hookworms are the major intestinal parasites that pets get infected with. It is believed that deworming is equally necessary for kittens… Continue Reading →

Top 5 Myths About Heartworms – Debunked!

Pets need complete protection against external as well as internal parasitic infestation to lead a healthy life. External parasites like fleas are visible to our eyes and thus it is comparatively easier to get rid of them. Whereas internal parasites… Continue Reading →

The Firework Display Survival Guide for Pets on Australia Day

We celebrate our national day well-known as Australia Day every year on 26th January to mark the first anniversary of the First Fleet’s appearance at Port Jackson (which includes Sydney Harbour) on January 26th in the year 1788. This year… Continue Reading →

Canned Food for Pets – How Good / How Bad?

Canned food comes in various textures, protein sources, caloric content and fat content. Your pets require their fluids from their foods and canned food can supply your pets the higher fluid content that the dry food does not. A normal… Continue Reading →

Pet Care Services – Best Option in Times of Your Illness

Love and care is an inevitable thing that every pet needs. During their illnesses or behavioural problems, they do require extra attention and care, which you always take care of. But, what about times when you fall sick and there… Continue Reading →

5 Shocking Details about Fleas and Ticks

As pet owners you might be aware of the dangers caused by fleas and ticks to our beloved pets. But apart from the fact that you need to protect your pets from these dangerous parasites you might not be aware… Continue Reading →

Presenting Discount Pet Care- Your Brand New Source of Easy, Reliable and Economical Pet Care

A very Happy New Year to one and all from the entire team of Discount Pet Care! New Year brings new possibilities, opportunities to start fresh, and most importantly, a completely new energy. Isn’t it? This New Year has brought… Continue Reading →

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